360×180 virtual reality panoramas

360×180 Virtual Reality Panoramas

Over the past couple of years I’ve been doing more of these virtual reality panoramas, and I’ve made a collection of them here. Give them a click, make them full screen, and take a look around! Use the contact form below for questions about licensing them.

“Alvord nights, with Subaru”

From a trip to Oregon’s Alvord Desert in July of 2017. To the north (beyond the rented Subaru Outback) you can see just a hint of aurora borealis (KP4) mixing with the twilight color coming from the west. The lightened area of the western horizon is zodiacal light. And the Milky Way can be seen arching from the south to the north, over strong airglow on the eastern horizon.


“Hug Point 360, summer”

The anemic Hug Point waterfall trickles down a rock at the Oregon coast, while the Milky Way arches overhead, summer of 2017.


“Rainier 360”

The Milky Way rises over Mt Rainier National Park, as a photographer stands near his tripod.


“Devil’s Garden 360”

From a night spent among some hoodoos in Utah.



“Turret Arch 360”

The winter Milky Way (featuring the constellation Orion) arches over Turret Arch, at Utah’s Arches National Park. Green and orange airglow (along with light pollution from the nearby town of Moab) can also be seen.


“Crater Lake VR”

Pink and orange airglow shine overhead, while the Milky Way arches over Crater Lake National Park. Be sure to check out the igloo built near the rim of the lake, as well as the zodiacal light in the western skies!