Star photography workshops and lessons

Night-sky and landscape astrophotography workshops

Night-sky and landscape astrophotography workshops

*Thanks for your interest in my workshops and lessons! My fifth season of group workshops (2017) was a great success and a lot of fun. I currently have no group workshops announced for 2018. I am, however, available for private lessons and workshops at Crater Lake for select dates during the summer of 2018. Please use the Contact me form on the side of this page to contact me directly about my availability. And please consider signing up for my mailing list (below) to learn more about teachings. Thanks again!*



“This was an excellent experience! The pre-workshop “homework” was very informative, and the instruction and question answering in the field were all incredibly useful!”

Matt Newman

“Ben has many natural gifts, photography and being able to teach his tradecraft is definitely his forte. Ben’s workshop opened up a whole new desire to spend sleepless nights under clear dark skies in the middle of nowhere.”

Savya Saachi

“The pre-workshop info (both in terms of quality and quantity) was the best I’ve seen to date–and I’ve taken a number of workshops. Normally I walk away from a workshop with a few good shots. This workshop I walked away with those shots–and the knowledge of how to create those types of images on my own. Good stuff.”

Mary Bates

“Ben’s workshop was the most informative I have taken. His ability to convey his knowledge is really amazing.”

Jay Howard

“This workshop was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of my life. I was worried there’d be a huge learning curve, but Ben taught us everything we needed to know to go out and shoot some stunning Milky Way photos right away. I’ll print at least one of them as a large panorama to hang on my wall. I also know that I have the skills to go out and get more any time I want. In addition to photographing it, seeing the Milky Way and watching it move through the sky was one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen.”

-Matt Krzycki

“Ben is a technical master of both capturing night sky images as well as processing and perfecting the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. He knows great locations to shoot and gives great instruction in composition, lighting and camera settings.”

-Denis LeBlanc

My star photography workshops focus on landscape astrophotography (photography incorporating the landscape and the night sky), with an emphasis on successfully capturing the Milky Way. My goal is to arm you with all of the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to be able to move forward on your own as a night-sky photographer.

  • Resources used for planning night-sky photography outings
  • Gear and equipment basics (a gear list will be given to you before the event, so that you can purchase or rent additional equipment as needed)
  • Understanding the fundamentals of night-sky photography, including aperture, shutter, and ISO settings
  • Focusing in the dark
  • Compositional fundamentals in shooting the night sky
  • The identification of notable stars, constellations, and planets, and using these features in your photos
  • Minimizing noise, and when to use your camera’s long-exposure noise reduction (LENR)
  • Using various online resources and apps to understand what’s needed to successfully capture the Milky Way
  • The use of different lighting tools and techniques to light your foreground
  • Night sky portraits
  • Creative light painting
  • Star trails
  • Panoramas
  • Post-processing your RAW photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
I’m also proud to announce that those who sign up for workshops and private lessons will receive all four of my newest video tutorials: Basic RAW processing for Milky Way photography, Stitching multi-row Milky Way panoramas in Lightroom, Stitching panoramas in Photoshop, and Post-processing for twilight blends.
Equilibrium Stitching panoramas in PhotoshopVeiled threats





Additionally, in the multi-night workshop format, we’ll spend time going over sunset and sunrise capture, as well as twilight capture, an area of fine-art landscape photography in which I’ve been spending more time over the past couple of years.

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  • No group workshops currently scheduled.

Private lessons

For those of you wanting more specialized instruction, I do offer private lessons, both in-field and post-processing (either in person or via Skype).  For more information, please visit my private lessons page.

Mailing List

Occasionally I add workshops to my schedule or have last-minute opportunities for small-group workshops.